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Birth Chart Interpretation for Marilyn Monroe

Sun in Gemini

Like the inconstant moon, your mind is constantly on the move--inquisitive, precocious, restless and changing. Versatility is your mainstay, and you can do many things at once. You have a need to communicate on all levels, whether it be through speaking, writing, broadcasting or sign language. Your logical, rational mind works quickly, and has great potential--especially when it works through some media.

You most likely enjoy talking on the telephone, whether initiating a conversation or responding. Your youthful, lively personality is like a magnet, and people of all walks of life are drawn to you. Your worst fault is that your many interests could make you lean towards superficiality. This could also lead to never finishing projects once started. You can curb these traits by focusing in on your skills, and choosing only a few areas in which to become an expert.

Your winsome ways make you the natural salespeople of the zodiac; you could sell anything to anyone, anytime. You could work almost anywhere--department stores, advertising, commercial sales, business. Your need for communication also makes you gifted in teaching, writing, or reporting; notice all of these are not desk jobs and they do not involve routine. In addition, you excel in anything to do with diversity, which can be public or behind the scenes. You could also make a good counselor since one side of your split "twin" personalites is always listening. Other possible career choices for you include acting, politics, researching, or being a librarian.

You can be very shrewd and cunning, and your chief fear in life is boredom. Because you are a twin--the first dual sign of the zodiac--you can either be at war with your self, or achieve a high state of harmony, like the yin-yang. You represent the split between the divine and the human in all of us, and your biggest achievement is finding a way to harmonize that split. If it is weak, you could be like a whimsical butterfly, flitting from one situation to another. If controlled, you grow incredibly by your many varied experiences, which add depth to your person--even wisdom.

Though you are not known for your concentration or persistence, you are very versatile and adaptable, making you a natural social creature. You need to move around and mingle. Your mind is your greatest asset, and anyone wanting to reach you should do it through logic or reasoning. You enjoy your freedom, and it is difficult to pin you down. You have a tendency to dramatize things, to "think big" then not carry through, to let your imagination get the better of you. If you do not master both of your split persons, you could become neurotic. Also, because Gemini rules the nervous system, they are more prone to nervous breakdowns than other signs in the zodiac.

Your quick mind, unfortunately, can be many times preoccupied with #1 (yourself). The solution to a happy life is to think about others and try to be of service to them. Spread yourself out, but not too thin; use your new ideas to help others. Venture out from curiosity, but use your intellectual mind to understand the world and the relationships between people, places and objects. This could help you in your communication, and really make you an asset in your chosen career.

You may have a dark side, which is changeable and moody. This is when your mind and your heart disagree, when the twins are at war with themselves. Like Geminis Bob Dylan, Marilyn Monroe, and Judy Garland, you may sing lonely ballads or be prone to depression. Often, Geminis leave the family to seek a larger world.

A Gemini woman seems to be all over the place. She can talk, and talk, and talk--on any number of topics. Though her knowledge is mostly superficial, if she has a passion for it, it can be deep. She excels in communication, is frequently flirtatious and flighty. Her restlessness makes her reluctant to commit easily, so a potential mate may have to play the waiting game before she'll settle down. Wait until she makes peace with herself, has sown some wild oats. Remember she's a late bloomer.

Gemini men, you are quick, witty, enigmatic. You keep constantly changing, like a kaleidoscope--just when women have you figured out, you do something completely different. Women should appeal to his intellect if they want to woo him, and remember that he is like two people inhabiting one body: one person is attentive, the other could care less. Ultimately, he needs to know he is appreciated on all fronts. A strong woman can help him fit the two pieces of his personality together.

Geminis can get along socially with just about anyone. They feel most at home with other air signs, particularly Aquarians, who also have quick minds, but they can also get along with their polar opposites, Sagittarius. In romance, Geminis love with their minds first. They thrive on mental stimulation, and many times they will seek friendship first before love. Though they are fickle, once their hearts are won they love deeply. A potential Gemini mate should always remember to seduce the mind first.

You enjoy spending money on things you love. Because you are split, your money habits depend on which "twin" dominates--the spendthrift or the spender. In terms of religion, your restlessness precludes you from being faithful to one denomination--you tend to sample different ones. As an air sign, you enjoy the abstract world of concepts and open-ended plans--and you could debate endlessly the validity or existence of God, or your philosophy of ethics. Committing to one, however, proves difficult until you find one you can completely believe in.

Your love of words and language also makes you a strong storyteller. You may be the best joke teller at the party, or you may write poetry. Whatever the case, you enjoy experimenting with ideas and expressing opinions just to be provocative. In some cases, content is not as important as contact; your need to express is more important than what you say. Because you are filled with imagination, you are the eternal pre-adolescent, a Peter Pan who never grows up, or takes a long time. You are often a late bloomer, and present yourself as overconfident to hide your youthful insecurities.

You must ward against talking too much, which prevents you from doing things or finishing projects. Although you are charming, you need to get the job done. Your challenge is to try to stick with things, instead of giving in to your short attention span. Stay with relationships and jobs, unless they seem doomed to failure. You have many gifts; your challenge is to figure out the best way to express your talents.

Sun in the Eleventh House

A strong sense of teamwork marks this house, and backed by the Sun's strong rays, this individual typically has many friends, social contacts, and works well with the public at large. He or she makes a good advisor or counselor, and can be trusted to keep important secrets. This person may also be interested in the occult, and often desires group leadership. Even if you don't have lots of friends, you probably have a deep concern for humanity and may feel a kinship with those around the world that feel the same way as you. The only negative here is that there may be a tendency to dominate others, especially if other planets negatively influence the Sun in some way. Still, this House denotes social success, and most interactions are warm, friendly, and are full of generosity.

Your relationships reflect your integrity and ideals regarding people, and frequently you are involved in many clubs and group activities. The Sun helps you in your goals and wishes, which are more than often realized through your partnerships and friendships. Your goal is to be a friend, and to make friends, not to treat them as possessions, as a position in the Second House may be prone to do. Your goals would virtually be impossible without friends. You have a real need to make a mark on your community; hence you should use your solar energy for charitable fund-raising or other inspirational activities. You often take the lead, and sometimes need to learn deference. However, in some cases, the Sun here could mean you attract the wrong kinds of friends. You must be careful to guard against that weakness, and try to be a guiding light for others. Aquarius and the planet Uranus rule this house, so study the position of this planet to learn further information about your relationships to Eleventh House affairs.

Sun conjunct Mercury

Because Mercury is never more than 28 degrees from the Sun, this aspect is the only one that can form between these two planets. Generally, the Sun here blended with Mercury's mental acuity gives you greater intellectual energy and power. However, if the two planets are too close together--say around 8 degrees or closer--you may be guilty of ego-centrism, selfishness, and of having so much mental energy that can lead to burnout if you're not careful. Such a placement can give you a poor perspective on issues, with Mercury so close to the Sun. Still, this combination gives strong business aptitude, and makes people ambitious, intelligent, with a great desire to observe and learn about people and their environment. Focus your will with your intellect and you can show people you are not someone who just talks--you can act on your ideas and make them happen.

Because Mercury and the Sun can never be so far apart as to be in opposition, this conjunction is said to give greater harmony between the soul (Mercury) and the spirit (Sun).

Leo on the Ascendant, Aquarius on the Descendant

The showy, buoyant side of a Leo Sun is present here, and you will likely have a magnanimous personality that may have a little more trouble finding an audience or expressing itself than a true Leo would. A Leo rising can have too much personality, or can assert himself too much on his unwilling listeners. The challenge is to find internal satisfaction by channeling your vibrant energies in a positive direction.

For a Leo rising, a person needs to find love, admiration and applause, and will likely seek these things in other people. This person needs to develop some kind of power in order to release his or her creativity into the world, thus he needs an audience in order to gain a sense of self. You must guard against being too showy, as the Sun that rules Leo needs to assert itself in order to come into being. A Leo rising needs to shine also, and its warmth can help heal others. However, this type needs to make sure it has something with which to project itself--matter is important here, not just style.

Though you are usually a leader, and are even hurt when not chosen for that position in a group, you are not necessarily a hard worker but gain your success by influencing people. Good luck surrounds you, giving you confidence with a belief in yourself. You attract both children and adults to your lovable and humorous ways, and can win over a crowd like a lion tamer.

People with Leo rising have a kingly attitude that can show the fault of too much pride, and they must find an outlet for their creativity or they could turn cynical or bitter. This placement signifies a nobility of character, a big-hearted nature, and a kind rapport with people. Your large nature prevents you from being petty or stingy, and you could even be gullible as you have a hard time believing the worst in people. You are motivated to express yourself in the best possible way.

Because the Sun, which rules Leo, is important in your birth chart, the qualities of your Sun sign should merge well with Leo as your rising sign. The placement of the Sun can give you enthusiasm, power and warmth, a gift for self-expression, but it can also promote egotism, arrogance and snobbishness.

Before finding a partner you may experience some heartbreak. Likely you will settle on someone unique, who is different from you, yet this may take some maneuvering to find this person. You have a lot of love to give, but unfortunately you may always expect something in return. It's true you need appreciation, but try not to gloat once it's given. You will achieve a higher consciousness if you do not even expect it in the first place.

With Aquarius on the Descendant, your natural ego and tendency to promote the self is shadowed by an Aquarian urge to serve others and to fit into a larger society. Leo's passionate nature here needs to be tempered with the cool detachment of objective Aquarius.

Moon in Aquarius

The moon in Aquarius denotes a progressive attitude, a gift for dealing with the public, and a compassion towards humanity and all the victims of society: beggars, homeless people, people with AIDS, etc. You are most likely a friendly humanitarian who wants to remain impersonal, who can be stubborn, but who also has psychic abilities that, when developed, can be quite strong. Freedom is very important to you, as is your home life. This does not mean you are necessarily traditional, because you tend not to recognize boundaries or limits of any sort.

Oftentimes, you learn the hard way, making decisions and erratic actions through ill-considered thoughts. This can make you unstable, though the moon here implies that you have a very sound mind capable of original thought, though it can get stuck in rigid patterns. You really don't understand others' needs, which is a fault of yours, and thus people can perceive you as a little cold. You are more mental than emotional, with a strong selfishness although a friendly exterior. Your feelings can be cramped and limited, and you may suffer from arthritis later on in life.

Physically, the moon here gives you a magnetic appearance that attracts many people to you; however, you send out cool and distant signals. Other people need to break through this brittle exterior to experience the true you. However, you seem to enjoy this defensive wall, and want to appear enigmatic and mysterious. The moon's flow of emotion is very controlled here, and you are capable of responding immediately if anyone needs help. Though you are practical, you also can act on impulse; therefore, you are unpredictable, especially in areas that are considered controversial.

You enjoy the glamorous life, and often have a romantic streak. The moon gives you originality and even a spark of genius that needs something to complete it--a commitment to helping some humanitarian cause, or some other kindness that fulfills your restless and shy heart.

Moon in the Seventh House

The moon here makes you very sensitive and responsive to the needs of others. Sometimes you are so responsive that you forget yourself, and have a tendency to submerge yourself totally into your partner and his or her needs. If you are a man, you may at times seem to be looking for a mother rather than a female mate. You crave mothering, and if the moon has any negative energy here, your marriage may be unstable.

No matter what, you can't be the lone wolf. You always seek out relationships, take in other people's feelings, and have a need for continuous rapport and togetherness. You frequently have lots of friends due to your need for emotional security. This can turn into a weakness if you lack self-sufficiency. Sometimes you are too willing to please, and you will be even more vulnerable if the moon is also in Libra.

You are a caring influence on your partner, and you must look to other parts of your birth chart to determine whether your feelings for your partner are just and true, or changeable and unstable. In either case, you find emotional fulfillment through marriage or some type of relationship, and would gladly sacrifice everything just for that one perfect partner. Often, you marry a father (or mother) figure.

You are strongly intuitive about people you love, and your emotional health depends on the stability and happiness of intimate relationships. You may marry early to someone who enjoys travel, or to someone who is publicly prominent in some way. However, if the moon has negative energy in some way, your marriage could be marked by discord.

You are affected heavily by the moon here, and your partner will be influenced by your feelings toward him or her. The moon is ever changing, so you must guard against being too moody, and try to be a steadying influence for all your relationships.

Moon square Saturn

The world seems like a dark place to you, doesn't it? Unfortunately, this combination frequently produces people who are moody, pessimistic, depressed, and just generally unhappy. Often they have an inferiority complex, and are emotionally cold and selfish. There may be money problems and possible trouble in their first marriage. If you are a woman, there may be difficulties with your mother or a lack of maternity with your children. If you are a man, this aspect can cause sexual difficulties--too much femininity, not enough maleness, and you may try to compensate for this by acting petty and tyrannical. This may be more on the subconscious than on the conscious level.

Your hope here is that this aspect can lead to success, giving both ambition and ability to concentrate, if you put your mind to it. You are likely a perfectionist, a hard worker, but simply lack the self-confidence to get the job done. Look to the rest of your chart to see in what areas you should put all of your powerful energies given off from this combination of the Moon and Saturn.

Moon opposition Neptune

Your problem is twofold: people call you lazy and irresponsible, but you blame the people in your life who made you who you are. You are vulnerable to shady people--be aware of this, and don't hang out with people who are negative. You soak up the emotions and attitudes around you because you're like a psychic sponge, extremely sensitive, but the problem is that you tend to project your own emotional confusion onto the people in your life, making it difficult to determine who is feeling what in your relationships. Though the source of this confusion may stem from early childhood, you may be plagued with health problems if you continue to worry about everything around you.

You may have suffered from some kind of separation, whether physical or emotion, from your mother. You need to learn to use your reason and to control your emotions, so that your current home life doesn't end up in shambles due to your own way of handling your feelings. You probably will suffer through relationships until you learn to deal with your anxiety and deceptions.

Mercury in Gemini

You have a very restless mind that is guilty of thinking too much. Your senses are keen and alert, and can be overdeveloped; watch out for restless anxiety and overwork that can lead to a breakdown. Leave space in your day for quiet time, and guard against jumping to conclusions before you learn all the facts. You can be silly, but never stupid. You are considered versatile, but lacking in steadiness.

Your mind is clear and intellectual, quick and inventive, and you try to keep up-to-date on current events. You have shrewd powers of observation, and are adaptable and versatile in conversation. You enjoy travel. Mercury is most powerful here, since it also rules Gemini. You are most likely very bright, with a flair for writing and speaking. Many professional communicators have Mercury placed in Gemini in their birth chart. However, if other planets in some way negatively influence Mercury, you may experience acute nervousness or burnout. You must learn to cultivate discipline to prevent yourself from becoming a jack of all trades; learn also how to concentrate, to guard against becoming sidetracked from your goals.

Mercury is a strengthening influence here for the most part, and you will have a considerable need to exchange ideas and opinions, to have your voice heard--whether it is at public debates, talking to a stranger in a movie line, or having discourse at a cocktail party. You enjoy being involved in more than one thing at a time, and may have a flair for selling. You can talk your way out of anything, are very adaptable, but can be superficial at times. Guard against becoming impatient.

If you are a Taurus, Mercury here makes you far less stubborn and more adaptable, less conventional and more up-to-date. A Gemini with this placement has enhanced mental and communication abilities, a combination that can be brilliant. A Cancer may be aggravated by Mercury's changes in mood, but may also be more forward-thinking in terms of planning; he or she may also be more skeptical, rather than relying solely on emotions.

Mercury in the Eleventh House

You have a large circle of friends, and a great need to keep the circle going, along with many acquaintances. You also have a desire to communicate ideas and become involved in conversations and arguments. Initiating discussions will be easy for you, and you are likely to be involved with many committees. Social intercourse is necessary, but you may have few deep friendships. You are most interested in group communication and function best when with other people. There are no "lone wolf" types here.

You may be attracted to astrology, humanitarian causes, the sciences, or the occult. Your ideas could make you eccentric or impractical to the extreme. Still, you are a leader within your circle of friends, engaging people in a lively debate, sharing ideas on intellectual issues, or even traveling in groups. Friends help you achieve your objectives, and through them you make valuable contacts.

You prefer friends who like to use their minds rather than just their emotions, and you may choose younger friends. Sometimes, there may be a difficulty with gossip or scandal; you will use your mind to overcome these difficulties, and will stay persistent and dedicated to achieve your goals and objectives. You use your spare time to the fullest, and enjoy every moment. You enjoy getting out and mixing freely with people, spending time on humanitarian causes, and especially getting together with "The Group." To achieve balance, you will also need to make peace and quiet by yourself to work out your problems.

Venus in Aries

This is not a good placement for Aries. It denotes "self" satisfaction, where a person loves his mate but loves himself through his mate. He or she may be touchy, easily offended, and inconsiderate of others without realizing it. Arian tendencies of passion and aggressiveness are strong, and Venus may lose her sweetness here. There is a need to put oneself in another person's moccasins, to shy away from being too idealistic about the "perfect" relationship, and to search within for answers--rather than outside the self.

Love will spring forth here with ardor and enthusiasm, but it cannot be sustained without nurturing. There will undoubtedly be passion in romantic relationships, but many times the commitments will be made impetuously, with impulsive ties grounded in self-centered love. You may lack stability, for Venus can tire quickly and change her mind. In addition, you may be aggressive socially, thanks to Aries, and marriage may happen early or in great haste.

You may fall in love at first sight, relying on your strong sensuality and magnetism; you need to be emotionally involved to feel complete. Physical appearance is very important to you, and when you are hooked, you can shower your loved one with gifts. You are most likely good at initiating money making, but spend it as fast as you get it. Your enterprising gives you a Midas touch, and often you have a second source of income. You demand personal attention, and can be self-centered at times. You pursue love with vigor, and if you are a woman you will undoubtedly be the aggressor in your relationship. Sometimes these types are even bullies.

You fall in love too quickly, are very demonstrative, and have no patience for an uncooperative partner. You are generous, despite your selfishness, and enjoy lively friends and energetic colleagues. If you are an Aquarius, this placement adds warmth and passion to your cool detachment; there may be a delay in making an emotional commitment, because your independence is important. If you are a Pisces, the influence of Aries' fiery passion makes you ardent, but caring lovers. If you are an Aries, you will be very passionate and enthusiastic, although selfish, with rivalry in friendship. A Taurus here will experience heightened passion, and overemotional reactions. For Gemini, mistrust of emotion can cause some problems here, but you will enjoy good rapport with most people.

Venus in the Tenth House

This placement frequently denotes great social ambition, and most people with Venus in the Tenth House will choose a profession related to the arts or finance. You are most likely someone who has a lot of responsibilities, and you are good at managing or being an administrator. You are excellent at developing good relationships with colleagues, and take great pride in your profession. You are also better at working with others than alone; you enjoy prestige in your work, and are also good at delegating.

To be truly fulfilled, you need a close emotional relationship with your career. Although financial gain is important, it is more important for you to do something you believe in. Many famous people have this placement for Venus--writers, artists, musicians, diplomats, actors, entertainers, etc. You will likely be prosperous, and your loving and friendly approach to the world will bring you many benefits and blessings. The power of Venus is very strong in the Tenth and Seventh houses.

You have an ability to identify with your partner's ambitions, and give him or her much support and encouragement. You have much success in dealing with the opposite sex. You are likely popular, well liked, and at ease socially.

Venus conjunct Midheaven

You use your charm and good looks to improve your situation and career, especially if you are a woman. This aspect favors those who work in the arts or public relations. There is great social ambition here, and this is a good aspect for artists, publicists and diplomats. You attract money through power, social contacts, and relationships.

Venus sextile Jupiter

This is a good aspect, giving you an easy and comfortable life, good fortune, popularity, and the ability to give joy to others. It also indicates financial success, and a kind and optimistic nature. You are probably a "lucky" person who is also highly creative in some way. There may be a tendency towards laziness, however, if things come too easily for you.

Mars in Pisces

The direct forcefulness of planet energy from Mars is tempered and restrained here, and Pisces will give you a strength of emotion and clarity of perception regarding your own feelings. You also have an ability to sympathize with others, and to wrestle with their emotions in order to make a point. This is a good placement for artists, writers and actors, as these gifted individuals have the ability to express their views on the human condition with empathy and compassion. Watch that you don't take all the problems of the world onto your shoulders; you need to empty your mind at times to achieve peace.

You have an excellent imagination, coupled with a sensuous, intuitive nature that can be quite passionate in love. You want to get totally involved with a partner, both spiritually and sexually, in order to feel the closest connection. You attract people to you, but may suffer disappointments due to your vulnerability. You are very idealistic and kind, but need to learn discernment when choosing friends or lovers--not everyone is going to treat you the way you treat them.

Your dreams, moods and intuitions can guide you into another world, but watch that you don't get lost there. You have great inspirations as an artist, but need to develop your intuition to make sure it is reliable; you need to channel your emotions rather than let them scatter. You need physical activity that involves creative expression, such as dance. You may gain money through your connections.

Mars in the Eighth House

This is a powerful placement for you. Whatever your interest, Martian energy placed here gives you the balls to go for what you want with intensity. However, you have an aptitude for these areas in particular: working with other people's money, healing people, exploring the psychic world, doing investigative work, and especially, performing in the bedroom.

Mars in the Eighth House gives you the ability to thrive in joint enterprises. You enjoy giving and receiving, and handling other people's money. Unfortunately, if Mars has any negative energy from other planets in your birth chart, you may experience fights over joint resources, battles over inheritances and wills, or have conflicts with financial partners. Still, you have energy regarding joint finances, and this is a good placement for bookkeepers, trust and tax attorneys, or insurance adjusters. If you are involved with other people's money, aim on the side of caution, as there is a chance to lose money if large risks are taken.

You may also be attracted to the healing professions, and may find fulfillment in that area. Mars could give you the ability to delve into the Plutonian underworld of the occult--anything related to psychic connections, psychiatry, or even surgery. You may also be especially skilled in undercover work or research, such as police or detective work that involves probing into what is hidden or secret. Whatever profession you choose, you will likely have a powerful intuition, with innate abilities to scrutinize potential partners, financial probabilities, or psychic opportunities. You must guard against having obsessions or a preoccupation with death, and especially if Mars has any negative energy, this placement can denote criminal tendencies, aggression or violence, or in some rare cases, even sudden death (especially if Uranus is involved).

But by far the most common characteristic with this placement is the unusually strong burning interest in sex, which is usually viewed as a contest and much more than just relieving physical tension. What many people don't realize is that people with Mars in the Eighth House seek affirmation and identity through sex; it makes them feel in charge and powerful, or perhaps it gives them a psychic connection to their partner. They have a real need to find fulfillment in this area. In rare cases people here may take out their aggressions in the bedroom, which may become the theater for darker emotions such as jealousy, lust, or greed. Still, as with all energy, there is a need to transform this passionate, sexual force, to rechannel it from a one-track preoccupation with sex and its conquering prowess, to a creative spurt that serves to regenerate life in whatever it touches. This can be refreshing and renewing for your partner as well, as you seek not to meddle with any dark forces purely for pleasure, but to transform them into life-giving Scorpio energy.

Mars trine Saturn

You can bear most anything--heavy responsibilities, hardships, even danger--and are a shrewd, hard worker, climbing steadily to the top to satisfy your ambitions. You use your skills and willpower, and are a relentless worker to get what you want. Your greatest gift is your ability to structure huge amounts of energy and creativity to accomplish projects. This aspect especially favors business, giving you a keen judgment and much practical sense.

Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter means expansiveness, and with Aquarius that means you have a huge potential to develop a highly original and inventive intellect. However, don't worry if you're not there yet; you may need a lot of time to develop this, maybe even a lifetime. Jupiter here gives you the extraordinary ability to implant new ideas into others' minds, making you a natural diplomat, negotiator or personnel manager. This placement also gives you a great tolerance for different people and their views, and through experience you gain a deep understanding and appreciation of various beliefs and ideological systems. You gain through group associations, and have a willingness to explore all kinds of spiritual beliefs. This expands who you are.

You surpass prejudice and insist on equality for all. Conscientious is a good word to describe you, though this can become scheming or egocentric if you become 'fixed' on a certain idea or principle. You may have an interest in the occult, such as astrology or reincarnation, or in a humanitarian cause. The influence of Aquarius also gives you a scientific mind, or at least an interest in the subject. You can work well with others and enjoy being with different people; still, you have an extremely independent spirit that needs to express itself in an individual way. You may be very different from the norm, perhaps eccentric. You have a need to break new ground, to reinvent yourself and others.

Your vision also encompasses ways to improve yourself and other people by following humanitarian ideals, which may include taking risks in order to overthrow the 'status quo.' Though you may appear overly detached or uninvolved, you are actually very generous. You have faith in all that is eccentric, individualistic, unorthodox or unique, and the only way you achieve self-confidence is to feel completely independent intellectually. You use your imagination to ensure that justice is served because you have a concern for those less fortunate than yourself. You may have unusually good ambition, and can be unpredictable. Jupiter's warmth and expansiveness should overcome the cool and distant nature of Aquarius, winning you many friends despite any appearance of coldness.

Jupiter in the Seventh House

Most astrologers seem to agree that this placement means good luck for you in terms of marriage or partnerships. You will likely benefit monetarily or spiritually through a partner, whether this is romantic or business, and you will probably have many opportunities to form alliances due to your breezy, sociable and generous nature. You may attact a foreign partner, or travel in another country. You seek intellectual rapport in your partnerships, as well as equality and education, and may shop around until you find the right one. You make an assertive business partner, with an endless depth of vision.

You may begin a relationship at an early age, and then jump ship. Alternatively, these types usually marry for life and benefit through their marriages. Watch that your expectations are not too high, and that you don't give up too easily when your needs aren't met. Use your analytical abilities and communication skills to determine what your partner really needs and wants, then Jupiter's boundless energy should have no problem in giving. If Jupiter has much positive energy, you will likely gain financially through a partner and will also have luck in legal matters; if it experiences negative energy from other planets, you might well lose your shirt.

Strive to use your honesty and natural cheerfulness to attract a partner; don't resort to tricks or disguises, as it's likely the marriage won't last. You may have conflicts within your relationship, where one person wants independence and the other more closeness. You will likely need more room to grow, and to explore other interests outside the relationship. Try to find a partner that understands your needs in this area. You may need to marry someone who has already been married to do this.

Saturn in Scorpio

The raw, primitive emotions of Scorpio combined with Saturn's cautious, disciplined nature leave you with the yearning to express your intensity, and the uncanny ability to hold back when necessary. Though you are strong emotionally, you can also be fragile, and it may cause you pain to be brought under control. You are tough, very resourceful, and handle problems in an intense, secretive way--which may cause problems for others around you, who may suspect something's up. You may need to cultivate a more open attitude about your actions to alleviate any difficulties, and to garner that most precious commodity: trust.

Your biggest need is to find an outlet for your emotional flow, because if you don't you can become blocked, which can lead to numbness, an inability to reach goals, form intimacy with others, or reach any real happiness in life. Don't be afraid to express your deepest emotions, but practice by yourself first. It may be difficult for you to do this, but you need to deal with any inhibition in order to get on with life's biggest problems and hurdles. Get out a piece of paper--draw your way through your feelings--or grab a punching bag and punch or kick out your anger. Either way, you can unleash Scorpio's deepest passions and feel the regenerative energy of transformation as it takes place.

This placement often makes people very ambitious, with a strong desire to have authority or power; this is fine, as long as you attain it through honest and fair means. This strong lust for power also makes you good at dealing with other people's money, such as business, finance, taxes, insurance, and property affairs. You can develop excellent and shrewd business sense, and can do well in big business or the international money scene. You may become obsessive at times, but are a very hard worker, and it is almost essential for you to become emotionally involved in your work.

Your sex life is complex--you may be inhibited, impotent, promiscuous, or generally dissatisfied because of an inner authoritative voice that is very jealous or critical of your partner. You probably have an offbeat sense of humor, and can liven up a party despite Saturn's typical cautious and dour disposition. Keep your energy and emotions flowing in a positive direction and you could become quite spiritual, as people with this placement can have strong psychic ability or interest in occult matters. Remember that though you desire things or people, your emotions must be brought under control, and that this process may cause pain, but is regenerative and will bring you much new life and renewal. Pain is said to be a teacher that brings you renewal and purifies the spirit. Your character will be strengthened with this process.

Saturn in the Fourth House

Saturn in the Fourth House implies a need to learn discipline and responsibility in terms of family and home life, and often this placement means that you will not learn these lessons completely until later on in life. Although your family may be extremely important to you, you may have had a very strict upbringing as a child or had undue responsibilities which in turn caused you to distance yourself from one or both parents. You may have even been an orphan, or been abandoned emotionally in a dysfunctional situation which left you deprived and uncomfortable. As a result, you have learned a method of selfishness and survival that has become ingrained in your roots; this may have helped you at the time, but you must break through and learn to overcome it by giving and expressing yourself freely in order to plant your own seeds one day in a loving and fulfilling way.

Often this placement denotes a strong mother complex, with a tendency to cling to the past; you will likely be happier if you live away from your place of birth. Although you appear independent, you are actually quite fragile and may be afraid to leave home. You need to do this, however, to overcome your own psychological dependency that could still be lingering from heavy responsibilities or restrictions placed on you from childhood. Though you likely will have strong emotional ties with your birth family, you will also have a need to start your own roots, probably at a later age, and you may become confined to home at this time. Constantly throughout life you will be learning Saturn's lessons of responsibility and discipline in the home and towards your family, and you really won't feel totally secure until you actually have a home and are working to achieve security. Watch, however, that you don't become isolated from your family or that you don't feel heavily burdened by the people you love. Open the doors of communication and work to see that they are happy. This will require some effort, but will reward you with a strong identity and security.

Your ultimate goal here is to overcome any strict, distant, cold or unloving parent who may have inhibited your growth in some way. Your father may have been ineffective or absent, or your mother may have had to play a dual role. Whatever the case was for you, Saturn may serve to block your emotions unless you learn to use your intuition and control your emotions, properly channeled and to a great effect. Learn to trust your inner voice and you will not be let down. Some astrologers also believe this placement brings good luck in terms of acquiring land or property.

Saturn square Neptune

Do you ever feel like not trying because it seems like something is holding you back? This aspect reveals a fear of being inadequate, and a deep-seated inferiority complex. You may have even experienced phobias, a lack of ambition, or have tried to escape through drugs or alcohol or some other means. People may have shunned you due to your peculiar behavior. Your fears may even be subconscious, and are probably hard to eradicate. You may feel lonely, and your isolation may stem from an inability to relate to people in the outer world.

Good advice for you is to find something that stirs your passion, plan how you can get it, and go after it. Learn to cultivate understanding and empathy, and stay away from anything that opens up your psychic senses as you have a vulnerability to becoming obsessed or phobic. Learn to trust people and your Higher Self--they can lead you out of difficulties, rather than to escape.

Aquarius ruling the Seventh House

With Aquarius ruling the house of partnership you may find inconsistencies in your relationships, which may lead to difficulties in marriage or partnerships if not handled properly. Though you may have strong opinions you need to learn to become more unbiased to avoid clashes. You may choose a partner who is as individualistic as yourself; if you do both of you will enjoy and relish the freedom in your relationship. Still, remember that your partner may want only the feeling of being free, and still would like to belong in a relationship--as grueling as those limitations may be. Aim for mutual respect, adapatibility and admiration, and your end results will be a relationship built on tolerance and understanding--true Aquarian traits.

Uranus in Pisces

The planet Uranus spends a total of seven years in each sign, and hence has more of a generational influence on you rather than a personal influence. People who were born with Uranus in Pisces between the years of 2003-2011, like you, should exhibit some similar characteristics, such as a desire to seek liberation from the past, to achieve higher spirituality, to escape from facing unpleasant situations, and a real desire to help serve humanity. This generation may suffer from too much sensitivity, and depending on how evolved the individual is, may follow two probably paths: one of spiritual enlightenment, where intuition is heightened and the individual is a healing force to others; and one of spiritual decay, where the person has sought to escape society through drugs and alcohol, or may be too gullible, evasive or withdrawn. In the latter case, idealism is used as an excuse. In the former, it is a means to delve into the unconscious and receive inspirations that can be used in daily life. How this generation deals with this mysterious, psychic gift of Neptune will depend on its willpower. Artistic and spiritual pursuits are positive outlets for psychic energy here. Intuitive wisdom is very high for this generation; try not to squander it in misunderstanding.

Uranus in the Ninth House

Your greatest asset is your mind. Perhaps people have told you this. Uranus in the house of higher knowledge and religion gives you an original, far-reaching, almost brilliant mind that may have a scientific flair or unique literary talent. You don't like restrictions, and even higher education such as the university is no obstacle for you, even though you may have experienced breaks in your education for various reasons. There is a constant, restless need for stimulation, excitement, yet a cool, practical ability to solve problems through progressive thinking. Foreign travel stimulates you, and you may even be attracted to a partner who lives in another country that is vastly different from yours--you may even marry him or her. It is sure you will have provocative, mind-altering experiences when travelling.

You may enjoy travelling on the spur of the moment, although travelling to you does not always mean taking a physical trip. Indeed, you harbor many journeys of the mind by reading, meditating, praying, or other such spiritual adventures without even leaving your room! It is likely you may not belong to a standard, orthodox religious organization, but believe in your own higher truth and consciousness that points to a God that is very diverse. If your intuition is highly developed, you can almost seem prophetic and in touch with a Higher Consciousness; try to cultivate the art of listening to that inner voice. It is likely you are attracted to art or linguistics, publishing, teaching, science, foreign affairs, or the occul--such as astrology, reincarnation or esoteric religious beliefs.

You likely will take long journeys to foreign lands, and have a huge appetite to learn about each place you visit and discover more about a country's culture. Uranus in the Ninth House could bring bad luck in terms of having accidents while travelling long distances or abroad; also, be careful that you don't get "swept away" by a fanatical religious group or cult--you may be gullible in this area. You may also have trouble with your in-laws.

Neptune in Leo

Because the planet Neptune spends about 14 years in each sign, its influence on each individual is felt more as a 'generational' influence here rather than as a personal effect. In other words, this mystical planet is said to affect trends in the collective unconscious and spirituality in the charts of peers who have this planet placed in a given sign. For those people born with Neptune in Leo (1915-1929), like you, the effects of this planet are generally said to produce strong-willed individuals, great artists, and a period of suffering from self-delusions. This was the time of the financial depression worldwide, and the U.S. stock market crash in 1929 that marked the Great Depression in the 1930s. The roaring '20s, filled with decadent affairs, wild parties and passion, also produced suffering as it produced the rise of infamous dictators--Hitler and Mussolini--who led their countries into brutal fascism as an escape from poverty. The artistic imagination also flourished during this time with the advent of silent movies, and the heyday of Hollywood took off. Leo brought more of an influence on children, love, and the creative process, but it also meant more extravagance and betting--and taking chances on reckless love.

Neptune in the First House

This placement almost always means extreme sensitivity, including psychic awareness and an ability to tune into any environment with intuition and compassionate understanding. If Neptune is too close to the Ascendant, however, the dreamy side of the planet can cloud the personality and undermine your self-confidence, and you may have to wrestle with escapist or idealistic tendencies all of your life. Your emotions likely affect your body to a great extent, and may even produce physical disorders if not overcome with self-control or discipline. Remember to keep a strong, positive mental attitude and combat any vague approach towards reality with a spiritual center that can easily shift focus from the self to a higher consciousness.

You are like a psychic sponge, soaking up the vibrations around you. This sensitivity makes you particularly vulnerable to drugs or alcohol, and you of all people should stay away from imbibing if you find yourself surrounded by these vices. Although Neptune can be responsible for producing self-delusions, confusion, and aimless drifting and dreaming, remember that this placement is also particularly promising in charts of intuitive individuals who can even become clairvoyant or inspired by mystic visions. You likely confuse and fascinate people, and Neptune in the Firstst House also produces many talented musicians. Whatever your talents or ambitions, however, make sure to develop them to your full potential; don't take the easy way out, as the darker, escapist notions of this planet can be powerful forces on your personality.

Pluto in Cancer

Pluto is a mystery to many, and has a subtle, complex and deep influence on individuals. Astrologers are still trying to understand it today. Discovered in the 1930s, this planet has more of a collective effect on us rather than a personal one when travelling through the signs. It represents a form of extremely concentrated power, like a laser beam of light that can cut through the darkest storm. Unfortunately, it also has a dark side when used the wrong way to manipulate or control the masses. It can be a source of healing or a source of destruction, depending on how we tap into its energy, and its transcendental power is usually hidden in some way--perhaps deep in our psyche.

Pluto takes anywhere from 12 to 30 years to travel through each sign in the zodiac, thus affecting civilizations and generations rather than just individuals. It affected you because it was travelling through the constellation of Cancer (1914-1939) when you were born, creating an atmosphere where emotion was important, especially sentimental feelings about your country's homeland during the beginnings of World War II. This was the era of blind patriotism, the beginning of dictatorship, racism, and the domestication of a new world. Many children became fatherless, family life assumed primary importance, and financial security was at its highest since a global depression was taking hold. Though many people suffered during this time--in the U.S. both the Japanese and the Germans were put into detention camps--there was spiritual growth as well, true caring, and the desire to share what little people had.


In a birth chart, we identify four different elements that point to different kinds of life energy: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. The presence of these elements in our charts tell us something about our basic personalities and motivations.

In your chart, we find that the AIR element dominates.


Everyone has a certain amount of energy or life flow, which when manifested in an astrological birth chart can be seen as predominantly one of four elements: air, fire, earth or water. The ancient Greeks believed these four ingredients made up all of matter, and many other cultures and mythologies have also developed a reality based upon this belief. Though nowadays we tend to shy away from such simplicities and instead marvel in our scientific and technological miracles, you will undoubtedly find that one of these qualities make up your personality, your way of being, and your most natural expression in the world.

In your chart we find the element air to dominate, which means more planets are found in air signs or air houses, especially important planets such as the sun, the moon, the personal planets, and the ascendant. This means that what primarily motivates you are thought patterns and the rational mind, and how to communicate those thoughts to others. You enjoy reading, discussing intellectual concepts, and trying to understand the energy that underlies the shape of the mind. The world of the ideas is where you live, hence you are not as concerned about the practical world of things, material possessions, your social life, emotions, or the spiritual realm. You may have a great ability to concentrate on a particular subject matter, or you may flit from one topic to another, depending on how your planets are aspected. You may enjoy talking to people about various topics, or you may prefer to communicate privately through writing, art or other abstract thought. Your biggest advantage is the ability to detach yourself from everyday life and be objective, thereby gaining a rational approach; this helps you to deal with all sorts of people without getting bogged down in their emotions and problems. However, watch that you don't become absorbed in a daydream, or preoccupied with abstract thoughts and ideas so that others cannot understand you. You likely prefer other air signs or fire signs, who can give you the freedom to express yourself, while earth signs can limit you and water signs can leave you feeling drenched in emotion. Use your reason to think your way through to solving your problems.

The second most frequent element found in your chart is the FIRE element. This element will also shape who you are, although its influence is not as strong as your primary element.


Everyone has a certain amount of energy or life flow, which when manifested in your astrological birth chart can be seen as predominantly one of four elements: air, fire, earth or water. The ancient Greeks believed these four ingredients made up all of matter, and many other cultures and mythologies have also developed a reality based upon this belief. Though nowadays we tend to shy away from such simplicities and instead marvel in our scientific and technological miracles, you will undoubtedly find that one of these qualities make up your personality, your way of being, and your most natural expression in the world.

In your chart we find the element fire to dominate, which means more planets are found in fire signs or fire houses, especially important planets such as the sun, the moon, the personal planets, and the ascendant. This hot, radiant energy gives you sunbeams of life, and you typically enjoy direct action, lots of physical exercise, busy movement, and ascertive expression and enthusiasm whenever possible. Though you may need water and earth to sustain you, and a breeze to fan your flames, it is from the light of the sun that you gather all your warmth and energy, giving it to others in a powerful burst of inspiration and dynamic rays that can even be overpowering if not channelled properly. You may insist on getting your view across, and impatience and insensitivity are not uncommon with fire types. You are generally very strong, high spirited, high-strung, but needing discipline and an audience in which to funnel your source of wisdom. Don't rush into things too quickly. People with much fire in their charts tend to get along well other fire signs, or with air signs, such as Aquarius, Gemini or Libra, who can stimulate them into action and get them to respond to problems with intensity. You probably need to learn to think slowly before jumping head or heart first into any plan, although you are likely self-motivated and a real go-getter. You may be an entrepreneur, constantly starting new projects with courage and energy. The ego is strong here, shouting out "I am here!", and seeking affirmation to all who will listen. People may not answer, but they see the light that you bring.

Lack of Earth

As human beings we all exude a certain amount of energy, which in the birth chart is symbolized by four elements: earth, air, water and fire. Two of these elements, fire and air, and representative of the Chinese principle of Yang and usually are more dynamic, active, self-expresive, and can always be seen in social interaction, verbal expression, and physical activity. The other two, water and earth, represent the Chinese principle of Yin and show the passive, receptive qualities of life, often unconsciously and instinctively. These types of people live more within themselves and don't show much action without thinking about it first, and without using a lot of caution and intensity.

Some people actually show a lack of an element, in which case there is a side to their personality which is undeveloped, or something which they are not consciously in contact with and which needs to be cultivated in order to achieve a fully developed and well-rounded life. In your chart, there is a lack of the earth element, which means you feel uncomfortable just living here in the mundane world, and are not naturally attuned to the limitations of the body, the earth, or the "material plane" you see around you. To others you may seem "spaced out," but that's probably because your head is full of airy ideas and inspirations, or watery imaginings, truths and feelings--you don't have time for all this down-to-earth reality stuff! Practical is not a favorite word in your vocabulary, and sometimes you may have to scrape and scrouge to get all the basics--food, shelter, money--just to get by because you forget you have to do this in the real world, and they seem of secondary importance to you anyway. You may even rebel against all these seemingly unfair demands on you, only to find you don't really belong anywhere, and you may have trouble fitting in. It is likely you will find more fulfillment going on a spiritual quest, transcending the limitations of this earthly plane, pursuing your gifted imagination, psyche or mind and following it to its end--whether it be art, beauty, music, religion, or some other worldly pursuit. Just don't forget to eat, feed your family and sleep while you are on your journey! The biggest lesson here is to learn to keep at least one foot planted on the ground, or to realize that those around you--especially those with earth signs--can help you find your way in the world as you look heavenward. Also, a strong Saturn in your chart can help discipline any wild urgings.

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